The Micro Influencer Blueprint: A Practical Guide To Partnering With Top Brands

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Maximize your micro influencer status with our step-by-step blueprint to working with top brands.

Our comprehensive guide includes 9 easy to digest chapters of information that covers everything from creating a blog to crafting the perfect pitch email, to finding the correct brand contacts names and phone numbers to pitch.

This e-book has been curated by Ro'Shunda Russell, lifestyle content creator and business strategist with over 10 years of pitching brands and securing paid partnerships under her belt.

Ro'Shunda has secured partnerships with Lipton, Shea Moisture, Shark Ninja, Mazda, numerous Travel Tourism Bureaus, Hilton & Nintendo to name a few. Now, she is pouring that knowledge into you.

The Micro Influencer Blueprint: A Practical Guide To Working With Top Brands is a must-have resource for content creators with less than 10,000 followers.

The 9 Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Micro-Influencer Marketing

  • Definition of Micro-Influencer
  • Importance of Micro-Influencer in the Marketing Industry
  • Benefits of Working with Top Brands as a Micro-Influencer

Chapter 2: Creating a Blog for Your Influencer Journey

  • Choosing the Right Platform for Your Blog
  • Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Blog
  • Writing Engaging Content for Your Blog

Chapter 3: Capturing a Brand's Attention

  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Identifying Brands That Align with Your Niche
  • Engaging with Brands on Social Media

Chapter 4: Finding Brand Contact Information

  • Utilizing Company Websites
  • Searching for Contact Information
  • Using Professional Networking

Chapter 5: Pitching to Brands via Email

  • Crafting a Compelling Subject Line
  • Writing an Engaging Email to Pitch to a Brand
  • Including Key Information in Your Email Pitch

Chapter 6: Creating a Media Kit That Wows

  • What is a Media Kit
  • Importance of a Media Kit in Influencer Marketing
  • Elements of a Strong Media Kit

Chapter 7: How to Receive Free Gifts from Brands

  • Understanding the Benefits of Product Sampling
  • Identifying Brands That Offer Product Sampling Opportunities
  • Crafting a Pitch Email for Product Sampling

Chapter 8: Paid Opportunities with Brands

  • Understanding Sponsored Content and Affiliate Marketing
  • Identifying Brands That Offer Paid Collaboration Opportunities
  • Crafting a Pitch Email for Paid Collaboration

Chapter 9: Final Thoughts

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28 page in-depth e-book teaching the basics of pitching, sourcing and partnering with brands.

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The Micro Influencer Blueprint: A Practical Guide To Partnering With Top Brands

2 ratings
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